Dear Homeschoolers, Present and Future,

Shooting Stars Square Dance Club was started as a fun activity for homeschoolers at Tabernacle Church back in 1997. You can read the first two paragraphs below.

We would like to invite you and your parents to a really fun evening that will change your life!   It’s called Square Dancing – “Friendship Set to Music.”  Our pioneers brought it to this country, it developed through the years, and is the first truly American dance.  It used to be called Barn Dancing.  On Saturday nights the farmers would put down their hoes and other tools, sweep out the barn, call out the fiddler, and have a good time dancing the night away.

Our club would like to invite you to a Hoedown, where you will learn some of the basic calls (Bow to your partner, Bow to your corner, Join hands, Circle left…).  We guarantee you and your parents will have a marvelous time.  Bob Clinebell is our beloved Caller.

Of course, there is lots more to learn, so we will then invite you to join us Thursday evenings, 7:00-9:00.  The course lasts from late summer to sometime in May of next year.  You’ll go from Basic to Mainstream to Plus calls over the course of the year.  When you’ve learned the Mainstream calls, you can go to the different clubs’ dances around Tidewater and dance to different callers.  When you finish the Plus calls, we have a fun Graduation night, full of surprises (shhh, don’t tell anybody – you might have to dance blindfolded, with the graduation cake in the middle of our square…)


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